Vietnam Map help?
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    Vietnam Map help?

    Good day luminaries....

    I've searched the net until I'm about blind.
    Does anyone here know how to read the Vietnam map coordinates.
    For example BT305145 was my LZ on Op Apache in June '66.
    The map number references seemed easier using this Op as an example rather than Op Colorado or others.
    Probably have to zoom in on this muther.

    1) I'm lost at how to read them accurately and nail down this exact location on googlearth long/lat.

    2) I've had no luck trying to find how to convert these old map coordinates to Longitude/Latitude.

    OpApache research2.jpg

    Any assistance or web guidance is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance and carry on....

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    can't tell you how to convert to L&L

    can remember using an issued map

    read right, and up....

    I mean, its not like any of us old farts have
    thought about this crap for over 40 years...
    There is an advantage of being on a leash
    along with the grunts..
    they lead ,
    you follow.

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    thinking on this a little longer..
    i dont ever think we even tried to
    convert these suckers
    for latitude and longitude...
    other than what was printed on
    these field maps..

    didn't need apples when we were speaking

    (engineers point of view)

  4. #4 shvt...'they lead, we follow'.

    I do grasp the read right then up process.

    I'm confused on where I would place the grid protractor template (as I likely need one) and how to count the increments based on the BT305145 reference.
    I've got some good map sites over the years but maybe I'm too fvcking daft at this stage of life.
    I'll ponder further over an amber Sam Adams.
    Thanks for chiming in....(I miss my M14 m14ed)

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    They're saying this for L&L is somewhere around those numbers,,
    go for it Marine

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    Got it....thanks for the info.

    Hmmm....'over 40 years' you say....whew.
    It's sure been a while since our SE Asian picnic.

    Thanks......carry on..

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    Guest Free Member
    The only numbers I remember is hills and body counts.

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    I would help you out with this but being a supply man my whole career if their are no skivies to stack I get lost.

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    Westchester OH
    Chu Lai
    Glad you got the answer already----

    Planing a trip soon ?
    Need help humping gear ?

    Two old farts humping the bush again--- maybe a little slower,but I'd enjoy

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    I hear you...those will always be the unforgettable memories.
    But, as we all know, that's what Marines do when our Brothers are lost in combat....we remember.

    Old Marine....ha...your sense of humor is in tact.
    'Skivvie stacking' might be an easier task than what I'm currently trying to grasp.
    Thanks for the idea.

    Apache....don't have it nailed down quite yet but I've learned a bit.
    To be honest, I'd love to visit Vietnam again but it's not on the itinerary. shvt...I think we'd be a 'little slower' but I'd be up for it, much better prepared and no one would be shooting at us.

    Feliz Viernes safe...

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    What keeps me from going back is the possibility of meeting up with one of my own daughters.

    The other big thing keeping me from going back is the intense emotional experience it would be. I can't even imagine standing where I stood 44 years ago and seeing my brothers dying all over again. I never want to go back into having that hard heart again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by advanced View Post
    I can't even imagine standing where I stood 44 years ago and seeing my brothers dying all over again. I never want to go back into having that hard heart again.
    No would be a profoundly emotional experience and I would see it as being there to remember and honor them again before I pass on.

    I know all of us here brought back different feelings/attitudes about visiting Nam again and I've read a few pretty harsh remarks here regarding the Vietnamese people but to each their own.
    I'll leave it at that and state I do not share any of those opinions/attitudes.

    It's been 46 years but I have no regrets and no guilt....just a ****load of emotion regarding the whole experience.

    Have a good one Brothers.....I'm off to Modesto for a family function that I'm not looking forward to.

    Carry on.....

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    So now instead of having bullets who zing past you, you attend family functions you don't necessarily want to.

    HMM ----
    Seems to have gone from bad to worse LOL

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    Best keep your head down while in Modesto. Prolly got more of a chance getting shot around there than the Nam.

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    We just got back....immediately unloaded our shvt after a 2 hour drive and went to a nearby Mex restaurant for steak fajitas and Dos Equis.

    As it turns out I was glad to go this time because.(explained below to OM).
    You got me on that one and I'm totally embarrassed that I did not equate the two different experiences as you so succinctly did.
    I'm more daft than I thought.

    Old Marine....haha...isn't that that truth.
    Don't like the turf for the reason you elude to.....good catch.
    My better half has family there and I only attend about 1 function per year to see her dad who is an 89 year old Filipino (still lucid but hearing is going) who was a very young guerrilla during the Japanese occupation and retired from the USN in 1967.

    Thanks and hope all are having a stellar Saturday eve.....carry on.

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