If you fail 2 MOS will you get discharged?
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    If you fail 2 MOS will you get discharged?

    First MOS required a lot of classroom studying and was bored with it. Second MOS is same lots of studying and classes all day. He scored high in ASVAP but he can't study and can't keep his interest. Fears he will fail. Again.

    Any chance you can get into a more hands on and less books type of MOS. Maybe an 03xx?

    In a way it is my fault because I convinced him he could do it and would be better when he got out with some transferable skills. I am not saying that 03xx doesn't have it as well, but I am more of the book type. Thats what I know.

    I hope he doesn't get dropped. That would be devastating.

    -concerned dad.

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    My Opinion,

    what is he going for,, it depends on him he is going to have to buckle down and get after it,, i would imagine, if he want hand on there is always the grunt unite,,or the new Marine Corps Law enforcement units,, he might try to see if he can get in there

    The Proud, The Few, The Constitutional Marine

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    He loves the Marine Corps. He said he would do bootcamp 10 times and rather be a grunt than this stuff he has to sit at desk every day working on computers.

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    well he may have to tough it out for a while,,, my daughter hates her supply job for that very reason but she has been there long enough to where she is going for a lat move into the new Law enforcement Bat,, if she can and if not there to something else,, he will have to force himself until he can make the move,, at least, i believe, a year in his designated MOS

    The Proud, The Few, The Constitutional Marine

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    The young Marine needs to buckle down and study. In these days with the Marine Corps downsizing...the Corps doesn't need anyone who won't attempt to achieve what their aptitude says they can do.

    My guess...if he doesn't straighten up very quickly.... you could have a very disappointed young man coming back home to you.

    Just my opinion.

    Semper Fidelis,

    I am not particularly brave, courageous, nor even very smart. But I am a US Marine which makes up for all my other failings. - DrZ

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    I do know a guy who got kicked out of three different MOS schools (Linguist, avionics, airframes) He was a complete dirtbag and got out as a lance.

    If a Marine fails twice, they're going to put him into an MOS that he can't fail out of. Probably Food Services. Food Service guys hate their lives.

    There is NO WAY that he will be able to move into infantry or any of the combat arms. There are an enormous amount of poolees signing contracts for those jobs, and the Marine Corps is saying, "Why should we stick you into this job when we have three boots who want to do this?"

    Bottom line - they won't kick him out, but they will stick him in a job that is just miserable. Tell him to stick with it. As annoyed as he is with being a pogue, (I'm one myself; I fly a desk all day) it could be a lot worse.

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    Grunts don't like quitters either....!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxtrotOscar View Post
    Grunts don't like quitters either....!!!
    No Sir, we HATE QUITTERS, for they are lower than whale ****. If he doesn't know how to keep his focus on line with MC infantry, they'll know what to do with him. No room for slackers or non-hackers.

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    The Marine Corps is not a babysitting service. Either shape up or ship out. Being a grunt is one of the toughest jobs in the Corps. You have not only yourself to keep alive but others. And in the Corps your fellow Marines are more important than YOU. Bored is not an acceptable word in the Corps. If your son can't hack it in the Corps, please do the other Marines a favor, drop out. I never want anyone at my Six who is not 110% committed. Too many have died for this very reason.

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    Ok, some of you talking tough obviously did not read my original post. I never said he was a grunt. I asked if he could switch to being a grunt. Please go back and re-read before you answer. And be respectable when you answer. I am not in the military. I am just civilian.

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    We are not talking tough (believe me, if we wanted to talk tough you would know it). Just giving you our opinions...which you asked for. Apparently, you don't like the answers which is fine. Just remember, this is a Marine Corps site; we are not here to please you or any other civilian...simple. If you do not like it, I suggest trying a different site. It's apparent to me why your son is finding it difficult to adjust to life in the USMC (the apple never falls too far from the tree does it?).

    I'll try to answer your question. The USMC just spent a lot of money TRYING to educate your son. They will not keep sending him to MOS schools until he finally finds one he is interested in and will work hard at(doesn't work that way). So, no, he cannot transfer to a 3rd MOS/school. If he wants to be a Marine, he will succeed. If not, he won't. He is not the first in this situation and won't be the last. It is incumbent upon him to adjust his attitude and put forth the effort to complete his training or be dropped...again and face potential discharge for failure to train.

    Next time you talk to your son, tell him to get his a$$ in gear (or, he will be coming back home to mommy and daddy). Unless of course you want to keep changing his diapers for him?

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    I think that Top summed this up quite nicely...!!!

    Good to Go Top..

    Semper Fi...

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    Dear Dad,
    My apologies for stepping off the starting blocks prematurely. I can't speak for others here, but "bored" has never been part of the Marine Corps lexicon, hence my reaction. As a father, grandfather and combat Marine, I understand how much you want to guide your son onto a successful career path. Your passing comment that it was your fault speaks a paragraph of truths. Dad, your son is paralyzed with fear to fail you. Regardless what he will be doing in the Corps or elsewhere, he's gotta jump off the cliff with his own parachute. Good luck. Again, sorry I poked your eyes. BTW, I took am a bookworm.

    Semper fi,

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