68 years later, A Marine comes home...
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    68 years later, A Marine comes home...

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    The remains of a 20-year-old Marine killed in action on an island in the Pacific finally made it home to his Michigan family, just as the nation was recognizing the 68th anniversary of D-Day.

    Two months after the June 6, 1944, Normandy Invasion, Pfc. John A. Donovan and his bomber squadron flew a training mission on the south Pacific island known as Espiritu Santo -- the largest island in the nation now known as Vanuatu, off the east coast of Australia. Donovan, a radio gunner, and the rest of the crew never returned to base from the night mission.

    He and the rest of the bomber squadron were declared missing in action after their aircraft lost communication and crashed on the side of a mountain.

    'There is definitely a sense of closure.'
    - Tim Donovan, nephew of long-lost Marine John Donovan

    Fifty years later, a privately-funded research team stumbled upon the crash, prompting a more thorough investigation. From 2009-2011, the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command -- a group that conducts search-and-recovery operations for Americans from past conflicts -- scoured the area to recover additional remains. They brought back enough for Donovan to have a proper burial.

    "I never thought I would see the day that my brother would return," Donovan’s only living sibling, Josephine Demianenko, 83, told the Detroit Free Press.

    Researchers identified the long-lost crew from dog tags, bone samples, equipment and plane parts. Matching the remains to DNA samples from the fallen crew's families, including Donovan's brother, Will Donovan, confirmed the identities.

    “We were very surprised and relieved," John Donovan's nephew, Tim Donovan, told FoxNews.com.

    Donovan’s remains were recently flown over from the POW/MIA site in Hawaii to Michigan for burial.

    “There is definitely a sense of closure,” Tim Donovan said.

    Donovan will receive a funeral with full military honors on Friday and will be buried next to his brothers at a cemetery in Ann Arbor.

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    Marines do not leave their buddys behind it make take awhile but we will bring them home

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    I wrote this poem after seeing the story of the Makin Island and 19 Marines that where come home I thought it would be good here too so here it is and a new one for Pfc Donovon

    19 Brothers came home
    By Sgt Allen Brown USMC Veteran

    Today I read story about Makin Island
    I had tears in my eyes
    Not tears of sadness
    But tears of joy
    For today 19 Brothers came home

    I could not always call them Brothers
    It took me three hard months to earn that right
    I have thousands of Brothers and Sisters everywhere
    But today 19 Brothers came home

    I don't know all of their names
    Will never meet most of them
    Some are gone now
    They date back to 1775
    But today 19 Brothers came home

    So do not shed a tear because they are gone
    Sing out with joy for their return
    Let the world know that they are back
    For they have been gone along time
    But today 19 Brothers came home

    Many more Brothers and Sisters are lost
    But the Marine Corps will not rest
    Till all are found
    For we leave none behind
    But today 19 Brothers came home

    PFC Donovon
    By Sgt Allen Brown USMC Veteran

    They found the Remains
    Of a fallen Marine on an Island far away
    He has been gone along time
    PFC Donovon is coming home

    He was never forgotten
    By his buddies or his Famaily
    The Marine Corps didn't forget either
    PFC Donovon is coming home

    He will get a Heros welcome
    with full military honors
    His Sister will be there tears in her eyes
    her Brother
    PFC Donovon is coming home

    So welcome back Marine
    we never forgot
    now rest in peace
    PFC Donovon is coming home

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    RIP Marine and Welcome Home...

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    It's allways good to come home. R.I.P. Marine. SEMPER FI!

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