Medical (mental) Discharge question
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    Medical (mental) Discharge question

    My son started boot camp Feb of 2011. He was recently training for depoloyment and and had some serious depression/stress issues come up. He was evaluated and was told he would be given a medical discharge. He didn't want this and (for some reason) they had him put it in writing that he didn't want to leave the corps. But it is now official, he is being put out medically for 3 different reasons, not sure what they all are, but all mentally related. My questions are; wi; he be considered a "veteran" and get benefits such as VA Dr Visits? Is he eligible for the GI Bill benefits? And will he be considered disabled now and get some type of SSI? We are worried how this type of discharege will effect his ability to obtain good employment. Thanks for any advise you can offer.

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    Your son will go through classes before he is discharged that will explain what he is entitled to from the VA. He can go to which may help.

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