Can MEPS help me Enlist?
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    Can MEPS help me Enlist?

    Hello, I used to take Adderrall because my doctors thought I might've had Attention Defeciet Disorder, and it turns out I don't have ADD. I told my recuiter that, and he went to his CO, and his CO said I couldn't enlist because I took it after I was 13 years old, even though I only took the medication from August 2011 to Feburary 2012.One of my uncles friends said that MEPS actually deciedes whether or not I can enlist, and was wondering if it's even possible to go to MEPS without joining DEP, to see if I really could enlist in the Marine Corps, what my next step would be since my Recuiters CO said they wouldn't do anything with me about it.Can anyone please help me?for the record, I also have letters from both doctors I was seeing that said it might've been ADD, but it turned out I did not need the medication to be able to pay attention.

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    No you cannot go directly to MEPS without processing through a recruiter first. Yes, the RSS can refuse to accept your enlistment without sending you to MEPS.

    You would require a waiver, which are hard to get these days. The RSS decides whether they want to spend their time trying to push a waiver that has little or no chance of being granted.

    In any event you would have to be medication free for a minimum of one-year to even have a small chance at a waiver.

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    MEPS will dequal you in a heartbeat for any small thing. I remember a girl was crying and complaining because they dequal'd her scratches on her arm. They said it looked as if she was trying to kill herself.

    If the RSS/Recruiters arent in your corner and they keep denying you then prove to them how much you want this by going to PT and putting out. Other then that you have will no way getting past step one.

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    Here's how the system works:

    a. See recruiter; they process your paperwork.

    b. Go to MEPS. Get physical; pass or fail (maybe qualify for waiver from BUMED).

    You HAVE to work the system; no way around it. You can't just schedule yourself for MEPS; your recruiter must schedule you. If they won't then you can't go...simple. There is paperwork/documents involved; without those documents in your hands, MEPS couldn't process you.

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    Thanks, Marines. I was just wondering if there was any way to do that because it's been a dream of being a Marine since 3rd grade, and I have no clue where to start since I didn't even have to take the medication. Thanks though, for the advice. I'll either wait till next Feburary to enlist again.

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