Officers programs and Online degree credits question
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    Officers programs and Online degree credits question

    [This has been asked before, not just here, but on different sites, I just need some clarifications that I don't understand.]

    Do the four year degree requirements for Officers ask that most credits be done in class?

    I'm currently attending a university that actually has an ROTC program and I know their credits are recognized by the Military either way.[I've spoken to an OSO and I do qualify for the program due to my GPA, credits, and fitness standing] However, I decided to enlist first due to some personal factors that I need to deal with and because I don't have my full degree yet. With that being said, I continue to plan to finish my degree, and even go beyond that, but most of this will be done online.

    I can do it through my current school since the credits are recognized the same as on-campus credits.

    The problem is that when I look this up online, I get a mixed set of answers. Some say that it just has to be from accredited university and that it doesn't matter if it's online. Many say that most Marines and other service members finish their degrees online anyways, and then there's the side that says the Officer selection programs want those credits to be in class.

    So with all things above considered, would a degree that in great part is completed online be acceptable?

    On a side note, whenever I try to use the Search function on this forum, nothing happens. The page just says it reloads, but nothing shows up new. This happens on all my web browsers.

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    All that matters is that you obtain a legitimate degree from an accredited university.

    If you want to be an officer, why do you think you should enlist? If the end goal is to commission, then commission. Don't waste your time, don't waste the Marine Corps' time or money. Things can happen to prevent you from commissioning later on.

    A good friend of mine is a product of your local OSO's office. If you want, maybe you should talk to him before you make a huge decision here.

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