Wearing Cammies on a Bicycle
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    I recently moved off base and was wondering if I could take my bicycle to work in cammies. I read the order and it says they are authorized while traveling directly to and from work in a Personally Owned Vehicle (POV).

    My question is, are bicycles considered POVs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoreseasy View Post
    in a Personally Owned Vehicle (POV).
    I would say no. Notice I highlighted IN -- in relation to the POV.

    I know this is a different time, with a different set of circumstances, but when I lived/was stationed in Greece I used to ride my bike to base from my off base love shack,, I mean house. Any way, I had to ride in PT gear. Again, completely different set of circumstances, although they share similarities.

    Personally, I'd rather ride in PT gear for the comfort and the visibility issue -- people drive like idiots and might not see you in cammies.

    Good luck -- FWIW, the year I spent riding my bike (in PT gear) to base in Greece is when I got my best PFT run time ever.

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    Sorry I misquoted the reference.

    MCO p1020.34g Ch.2 paragraph 2005 2:
    "Wear of the MCCUU is authorized
    while commuting to and from work VIA privately owned vehicles."

    If I have to, I'll wear PT gear and change over at work. But it would save me a lot of time to just change at home.

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    Get an A-OK from your platoon sergeant or company commander.

    The chain of command is there to take the beating for you if you use it correctly.

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    I rode my motorcycle for years to and from base in utilities and then in cammies. I would check with your Platoon Sgt or Company commander. As is the norm in the Corps.... CYA.

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    Haha PT gear sounds about right since cycling is considered very good PT

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    Its pretty damn muggy there, I wouldn't wear my work clothes while biking to work everyday. Those things don't breath all that well. Plus the MARCOR is really super gay about uniforms now....they are really trying to push people out to accommodate the force reduction. I would walk on egg shells with all this kind of minuscule crap being focused on.

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    What ever happen to The Good Old Days? Weren't allowed off Base in Utilities. Either Uniform of The Day or Civies. Change is always different, not always Good.

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    A bicyclist by traffic law definition is a pedestrian and a bicycle isn't considered a POV so I would not wear cammies at all. When I was on I&I, there was a Sgt that lived right across the street from the reserve training center we worked (from his apt, a little kid can throw the ball and hit the fence line of the rtc- that's how close it was). Unless he was on a motorcycle or car, driving to and from the rtc, he cannot even come to work in cammies.

    There are very few instances where you would wear cammies out in public other than emergencies and operating a tactical vehicle that has some leeway depending on your assignment or duty.

    Oh and Marines thinking about pt'ing in boots and uts out in public? Don't do it.I did it because when I asked my NCO he said, 'Yeah, it's technically pt gear.' My NCO and I had a stern talk from my plt sgt for doing that as a Lance even though the order didn't really specify about boots and uts.

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    What's wrong with running in "Boots & Uts"? (other than screwing up your body, of course)

    When I was in, the utility bottoms are OK for civilians to wear and had no markings on them (other than my name stamped on the inside for inspections).

    Hell, a lot of things have changed since I was in, though.

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    jp2usmc, according to my plt sgt at the time, it was considered being in cammies out in public- that's how he interpreted it regardless in the utility bottoms are marked or not.

    It's so weird how orders are interpreted though and I would agree with you but I'm trying to save others the ass chewings that I got haha.

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    heard a lot say ask Plt Sgt or Co you better ask MPs too you have to get my them aat the gate or while rideing to work after though the gate

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    In 2003 on MCAS New River, I was told we had to get base permission to pt in boots and utes....on base roads!

    The majority of the time when I wear cammies to and from work I wished I brought civies. You never know when you might have to run out in town or an old friend rings and wants to to meet up right after work.

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