Leaving to MCRD San Diego
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    Leaving to MCRD San Diego

    It's been a great year in the Delayed Entry Program. I learned allot and gained strengths not only physically but mentally too.

    Starting IST
    10 Chin-ups
    62 Crunches
    13:50 Mile and a half.

    Last IST
    27 Chin-ups
    143 crunches
    9:50 Mile and a half.

    I worked my way through the year, studying on my own, learning my general orders, ranks, and some drill (I wasn't in JROTC). I also got 2 referrals under my name earning me to enter Boot Camp as a contracted PFC (E-2).

    I have high expectation and high goals. I knew from the start what I was getting into and It's all I have ever wanted. To earn the title of a United State Marine.

    I'm very motivated and I expect nothing less than a challenge.

    sincerely - Miguel Lugo, Poolee from RSS Austin North.

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    Good Luck Miguel. You can do it.
    Stay Motivated no matter what.
    Failure is NOT an option.

    See you in 3 months.

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    What did you do to get your run time down?

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    Good luck to you man, looks to me you right on track physcially. Now it's just the mental game of enduring hell for 3 months. I graduated MCRD San Diego back in April, and man does it feel great to be out.. even though a part of me misses it.

    I was 1st Batallion
    Charlie Company
    Platoon: 1045

    lol I will never forget my drill instructors:
    Senior Drill Instructor: Ssgt Garcia
    Drill Instructor: Ssgt Blas
    Drill Instructor: Ssgt Curry

    Anyways, good luck to you!

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