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    Hello Marines and Poolees. This morning I was attending a Saturday pt session and the Gunny called me in to his office, and said there is a very good chance of me shipping out to Paris Island on 20120611 instead of 20130122. Right now I am wondering what are some critical mos's that the Corps currently requires because I don't think I will be getting any of my top 3 choices at this point. I have an AFQT of 91 and my GT is over 110 if that helps. Thank you for the help.

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    Hope somebody can answer your question but other than recruiters, don't know who would have access to a list of critical MOS's.

    Good luck and let us know how it works out for you.

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    What do you mean by critical ie as in need? The Corps is cutting down. Scores are going up. More Mos are being closed and cut so not really sure which MOSs are "critical." Most probable reason as to why you can leave early is a slot opened up. Someone was injured or arrested. That slot opens up and every RS from that MEPs can submit a name. From there not sure who gets it. My brother just went to bootcamp about 2 weeks ago. He managed to leave about 5months early because somebody broke his ankle

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    Actually Intel seems to be a critical MOS at the moment. they are the only ones who seem to be upsizing some of my NCO's said they were offered quite a hefty bonus to lat move. While you wont get a bonus for taking an intel spot but they seem to be looking for people.

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    Or, somebody can drop out of the DEP like my niece just did. She was due to ship this month but decided she wants to be a fitness coach at LA Fitness instead. And, she had an intel program in her contract (that she got a one point GT score waiver approved for by the way). Her boyfriend does not want her to leave town either and was putting a lot of pressure on her. Needless to say, she just disappointed everybody in her family (not to mention her recruiter obviously) but does not seem concerned about it at all.

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    Well thank you Marines, a couple kids got discharged from my recruiting station and I get to take their spot to ship out this Monday. My recruiter even managed to get me my top choice of Avionics. I'm extremely excited to go and thank you for the help.

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    Outstanding! Congratulations on beginning your journey to earn the title!!

    Also great to see confirmation recruiters do work hard to get poolees what they want. There seems to be a lot of negativity on this board lately geared toward recruiters and their trustworthiness (mainly from active duty Marines).

    Good luck and check back in when you come home with the title.

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