Liberty at NAS Oceana 'C' School
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    Question Liberty at NAS Oceana 'C' School

    How does the liberty policy work at NAS Oceana. I'm going there this coming Friday the 8th. I want to make it out to the beach to see the Sand Soccer games that weekend, June 8th-10th. Will I be aloud to go out that Saturday or Sunday after I get there? Or will it work like NAS Pensacola where I have to wait to get a green or blue card?

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    I'm sure it's not a base policy that you're looking for. Oceana is a big place, lots of units, different branches. I think libo is command specific.

    Just throwing that out there to ya, also don't expect to find a black and white policy on the Internet.

    Good luck though, that is a nice area -- I was stationed down the street on Dam Neck for a few years.

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