James J. Ewing, VMA(AW)-242
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    James J. Ewing, VMA(AW)-242

    Hi everyone! First, thanks to all of you for your incredible service to our country. Secondly, my name is James Kelly, and I am the nephew of Marine veteran, Captain James J. Ewing. My uncle Jimmy passed away a few years before I was able to meet him, and I was hoping that maybe someone on here knows him. He served in VMA(AW)-242 towards the latter part of the Vietnam War, and he was a navigator on an A-6 Intruder. Thanks!

    James Kelly

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    James Kelly, my name is Robert Nelson. I was in VMA(aw)242 from Oct 69 until the Squadron left for the States in Sept.70. I'm sorry, although his name is familiar, I was a Lance Corporal most of that year and had little contact with the pilots and B/N's. I was in the Fire Control section but was TAD most of that time.He would have operated the equipment we maintained. I've passed on your info. to some of the older guys I served with in my section and I'm sure we will have something for you when I hear back from them.
    R J Nelson
    Semper Fi

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    James Kelly , this is Bob Nelson again.There is an " Intruder Assn " web site that gives names of Pilots and B/N's, Both Marine and Navy. You may find info. there. It's a good site. I found that two of our Pilots won the "Navy Cross",one posthumously, for braving enemy fire and destroying a North Vietnamese air field.The site lists a lot of 242's Pilots and B/N's, these guys actually flew with him. Good Luck
    S/F R Nelson

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