Questions from a Wannabee
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    Questions from a Wannabee

    I plan on enlisting in The Corps somewhere in January.
    My girlfriend is in a rush to get married, and all that b/s, but I'm instructing her to wait, b/c the lifestyle.
    I know how the military operates, its Service before self, i have no issue with that, but she does.
    Am i doing the right thing by telling her to wait?
    Now for the MOS's..
    My first choice is 61XX with Aircrew, second 11XX, and third 35XX.
    Could any shed light on these MOS's with experience etc. etc.?
    Waivers.. I have flat feet with a little arch, they don't bother me, infact you could barely tell untill I take my shoes off. Will the give me a waiver, I don't think I will need any.

    Thanks ahead of time.
    D. Lindsay

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    I cant answer your other questions but I say **** getting married. Absoulty wait. So many things are about to change once you join and you 2 have no idea what your about to get your self into. Moving around, being away from eachother when your out training and schools, deployments.... You two might find that you can't handle all that stress and all that comes with it. No need to rush into getting married bro, thats the worst idea

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    Cannot provide any input on your MOS choices.

    We are not doctors here and none of us work at MEPS (they are the ones who will decide if your flat feet disqualify you from service). You will just have to go to MEPS and get a physical exam.

    Marriage requires 100% committment from both parties to succeed (even more so in the military). Obviously, your relationship does not have that. In my opinion, marriage should not even be on your radar screen at this point. Your girlfriend has a lot to learn.

    You don't mention talking to a recruiter. If you haven't yet, it's time. They can also talk to you about medical waivers if you end up needing one.

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    Spence is right...WAIT. Why rush it? How do you KNOW she will be faithfull 3 months in boot.. 1month of MCT + all your schools for flight crew or shorter if other MOSs. You won't see the fleet until you are about 2 yrs in if 61xx. I think you can't live with your wife in those schools because you'll be moving as well. Since you probably won't deploy often use these months-yrs to honestly look at big picture. The whole flat feet issue. Hikes suck for me but I didn't need a waiver. But different MEPS different Dr.s

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    Your flat feet may not bother you now but I gaurantee you have not gone on a 10 mile force march with full combat load PLUS something extra like an ammo can or mortar round (something you're likely to do at MCT). Flat feet in the civilian world is one thing; flat feet in the USMC is a totally different animal (hence normally a disqualifying factor). Be careful what you wish for; you may just get it.

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    Everyone here is absolutely right. I am a young Marine (6 months in the fleet) and I've already seen and heard too many broken marriages and relationships. Dear John letters are all too common during bootcamp so don't bet everything on having your relationship surviving (I got mine during 2nd phase. Completely destroyed me). Of course no one knows you or your girlfriend very well in this forum, but in most cases relationships fail during the first year of your 4 or 5 year contract. I'd say either wait, or choose one or the other.

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    Wait it outMy girl has been faithful the whole time I was gone and has been to every visiting chance given. Your first year in is basically training so wait until you've got some time in plus junior Marine pay isnt worth ****!!!!

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    You guys ( Marines ) were right, she couldn't even handle it when I moved up here with my dad.

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    Don't get married your first enlistment, also do air crew. You get to fly and be an observer/man the machine gun if your bird has one.

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