Tried searching (medicine related), but will Phentermine DQ?
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    Tried searching (medicine related), but will Phentermine DQ?

    I am about to be headed to MEPS on Wednesday to do my ASAB and then on Thursday to do my physical. The question at hand right now is, will I be able to join the Marine Corps since I was prescribed Phentermine, which is a dietary supplement which has to be given to someone by Rx.

    The reason I ask this, is because it does pop up on UA's as an amphetamine. My doctor and pharmacist have both reassured me that as long as I tell whomever is giving me the UA, that it is prescribed that I should be ok. However, I know that military standards differ from the civilian world, especially Marine Corps standards.

    Could someone give me a little more definite answer on this mater?

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    Don't think so. None of us are doctors and none of us work at MEPS.

    If nobody asks then don't say anything about it. But, don't lie. If they ask then tell them what you know.

    Good luck; let us know how it goes.

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    Someplace on the MEPS physical papers,you are "Required" to list the medications you are now using.If you do not and fail the "drug" test,it may end any chances of enlisting.

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    Thanks for the responses Marines, but my recruiter didn't want to chance it and told me that all emphatmines had to be out of my system before he would feel good about sending me to MEPS. Since I wasn't diagnosed with any type of disorder he didn't want me to mention it to anyone while at MEPS. Did a small UA today and it came back clean so I will be headed to MEPS at 1300 tomorrow to do the ASVAB, and then on Wednesday I will be going through the physical portion of MEPS to get sworn in and become a poolee, and that much closer to becoming a United States Marine.

    Thanks again Marines for the responses, any input was GREATLY appreciated!

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