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    Question Prior Service Opportunities

    Question: I'm ending my current active duty contract soon and would like to know my options as far as Reserve Opportunities go. I would talk to a prior service recruiter but I'm still at my Duty Station in Hawaii, and there arent any nearby. Instead of waiting until I go home to NJ on leave, I'd rather obtain any thoughts/opinions from anyone willing to help. For the record, I am a Corporal and an Infantryman (0352).

    1. What are the chances of having to deploy AGAIN if I go with the SMCR route? Kinda sick of deploying after 2 pumps to Afghan.

    2. What would my options be as far as IMA opportunities go??

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    There should be a prior service recur item at Kanohoe, maybe Camp Smith. Should be part or you check out paperwork

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