High Asvab score but i wanna go grunts. Will this be allowed?
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    High Asvab score but i wanna go grunts. Will this be allowed?

    I rocked my Asvab yesterday at MEPS with a 92 score and a 121 GT Score. Yes i am totally qualified and could easily handle going to college and being and officer. But i dont want to. I got the infantry bug. Its the only job i want but i just signed in to my 4/4 contract and i dont pick my MOS till Oct of this year due to entering under a 410 policy. Are they going to allow me to be infantry? I would aim for special operations/Marine Recon. Before its said, i do not want to go into recon as an officer because why waste all the years at college when thats my prime time for duty and also when in special forces rank is little more than title most of the time.

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    Yes any other questions?

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    Yeah since I don't pick my job till October cus I'm under a 410 do I get first pick for MOS's or no? My recruiter said I do.

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    Yea dude, you get to choose first in Oct because its the new fiscal yr. More slots are open.

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    Now, I don't mean to rain on your parade, do what you will, your life your choice and all that. But speaking from experience I can tell you that more likely than not you will absolutely hate your life if you follow through with going combat arms. I was in your boat once upon a time, 99 AFQT, 144 GT and wanted to go grunt. Somehow my dad convinced me to do something else and I picked weather, but I can tell you for certain that if I were a grunt I would be hating life more than I already am.

    Basically I'm just asking you to step back and take an objective look at what you want and need without buying into all of the bull**** marine propaganda. But whatever you choose, fair winds and following seas.

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