78 MPG's To the Gallon Cars
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    78 MPG's To the Gallon Cars

    This will burn your Bottom !!!

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    Nothing new,1988 VW's got 40-50 mpg the country is controlled by the banks and oil companies,were you expecting change from 1988 to the present?


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    yes,,and we need to start demanding it...

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    Back in 1973 after retiring from the Corps I was taking an engine rebuilding course in college and a rep from the Honda endine people in Japan showed us a Honda engine that had zero emissions. He stated that the Honda people had spoken with reps from the big three and were told that the U.S. could never build an engine like that because the big three had all these warehouses packed to the gills with catalytic(sp) convertors that had to be put on engines. Made zero sense to me. We kneed to go back to the old flat head V8 and be done with it. Plenty of power and no emissions. Gas milage was fine.

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    I own a 2012 VW Passat TDI SE (Diesel) and when the wife and I drove up to Iowa to see her brothers (One an Army Medic and the other an Army door gunner...both Vietnam vets).... we got 53.2 mpg. That was cruising at 76mph with the AC and cruise control on.

    Diesel is not cheap but when you run the numbers of the cost of diesel.... the cost of regular...the mileage of comparable cars... it boils down to the diesel being cheaper to run... HOWEVER the cost of the vehicle is expensive!

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    What's really sad about this, is they could easily place a use tax on the license for all enhanced mileage cars, and not lose any road tax.
    But no one wants to be the party that "raises" taxes. The mind set of our government is just rediculous. thanks for sharing

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