Its called Memorial Day
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    That pic really stirs the emotions...

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    Amen Brothers! We will never forget!

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    Many times through-out the year, many of us find ourselves thinking of where we've been,who we've been with, and who isn't here for one reason or another...

    I won't wish anyone a "Happy Memorial Day" cause happiness isn't what it's all about.

    For them that were there before me, THANK YOU .
    For you that i was there with,THANKS FOR LETTING ME "HANG OUT" WITH YOU.
    For you that are Doing what we did when we were young- THANK YOU, and Hang In There.

    Welcome home brothers!
    and thanks.

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    Semper Fi Brothers and Sisters .

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    To all my brothers and sisters may god richly bless each and everyone of you . My thoughts and prayers goes out to all the gold star families.

    Semper fi and godbless

    stephen doc hansen hm3 fmf

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