Choosing what you want to do as a combat engineer.
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    Choosing what you want to do as a combat engineer.

    Ok, im a poolee and i was wondering about my MOS as a combat engineer. I no there is three jobs as an engineer. There is the division group, the field service group, and the air wing. Is there any way to chose which group you go to do they automatically assign you no matter what? Thanks for you input

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    Pretty sure it's the luck of the draw, or the needs of the Corps. It's like Motor T, you can go to a Battalion, a Division, a MT Company, the Wing, or other places. All different work, or all the same, within the same MOS.

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    What wookie said.

    Also, don't be an engineer. Unless you really enjoy construction, that is. If you do, then by all means, go lay down some matting for that airfield.

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    I had combat engineers in one of my previous units. Unfortunately they were a bridge company. The combat engineers there would do numerous field ops with bridges but when it came down to the sand box. Totally oblivious to doing route clearance.. If possible never go to a esb go to a ceb its alot better in my opinion

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