I need to know a few things before joining
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    I need to know a few things before joining

    Next year i will be in US as a student from february to november , can i still enlist myself in that time because when this time is over i'm not gonna have a green card anymore.
    What i really wanna know is, joining the usmc can i still be legaly in the US?

    And other question: people can still join if they have tattoos?
    I have one in my shoulder that doesn't appears in a normal shirt.

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    You will need to talk to a recruiter when you are here. They will have to look at and probably measure your tattoo. There is always a small chance the tattoo policy may change in some way between now and then.

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    They will also know the enlistment procedures for non-immigrants and non-citizens. There was a prince from Sierra Leone in my boot camp company and I met an Australian with 2/7 while I was in Okinawa, so anything is possible, you'll just have to talk to the local US embassy/consulate or recruiter's office when you get a chance.

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    Thanks a lot for the information.

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