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    Early ship date

    Well my recruiter called me a few days ago asking if I wanted to ship a month or two early (Original ship date was mid october) I of course said hell yeah. Got a txt today saying I am now leaving june 25th. I can even still get an Intelligence job. This puts a damper on my physical preparation, but I will still be ready to go. Maybe now Ill be able to take leave while in job training to head home for christmas, if I'm lucky.

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    Good for you, what MCRD will you be at?

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    Lucky...I was offered one but they wouldn't change the date for my job slot so I couldn't get it

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    I'll be at San Diego. I'm glad I wont be at Parris island middle of summer haha. That's too bad Spyro, I've been lucky with my whole enlistment, didn't require a waiver for my history of asthma, high asvab score, and now early shipdate with intel.

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