BAH & Geo Bachelor Question
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    BAH & Geo Bachelor Question

    Hopefully this hasn't been beat to death on this forum.

    Back Story: I have a Drill Instructor package that is at the mag level(Regimental CO). I am confident that it will get approved, I am just currently playing the waiting game. While I wait however, me and my wife had a few questions that hopefully someone can help either answer or point me in the right direction. We own a house here near Cherry Point, NC. I cannot afford to sell it right now and we want to put off renting it out as long as possible. I figure since I won't be home during the first several cycles anyways I would leave my family here and be a geo bachelor for the first year. My question is this:

    If I get MCRD SD and decide to be a geo bachelor, will I get paid the BAH rate for San Diego or Cherry Point(its a difference of over a thousand bucks).

    My other question is since I dont plan on moving my family out until a year into my tour, will I rate a TMO move when I finally do decide to move them out west?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Sgt KC, I believe you would rate the higher BAH of your duty location.

    Geographically separated families (geographic bachelors) are normally eligible for BAH based on the member's duty station.

    I believe you would rate a TMO move later in your tour as long as you still had 2 yrs remaining on station. Check the JFTR link above and search TMO move or check with your local TMO office.

    LtCol K

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