salute from Tunisia (reintroducing )
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    Talking salute from Tunisia (reintroducing )

    hi i'm tunisian 19 year old teen and i'm big fan of USMC

    i re introduce my self after fixing the profile filling

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    so what can we do for you today,,,My name is Pat and glad to meat your acquaintance,

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    i love to know about USMC

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    me i'm planing to be a soldier in Tunisian Army and i wish to train with the best with u ( USMC )

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    there are a number of places you can get information about the Marine Corps, and what they are about,,
    here is one:

    and another:

    or just ask a question...anything at all about the Marines...

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    here is one more that you can check out.

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    pretty much a farming area isn't it, Sousse that is,, are you by that big lake there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by irpat54 View Post
    pretty much a farming area isn't it, Sousse that is,, are you by that big lake there?
    these my sousse
    The city is the capital of Sousse Governorate with 540,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate). Its economy is based on transport equipment, processed food, olive oil, textiles and tourism. It is home to the Université de Sousse. <== more info here

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    oh,, i see,, okay,, i was looking at it from Google earth,, it sent me to an area that was full of Olive trees by a big lake,, so what part there are you from,, Hammam,, or Akouda, or where,, or is there a city called,,Sousse that is not on my map, or is Sousse the name of the Provence,,

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    Thumbs up Tunisian Armed Forces

    Founded in 1956

    Service Branches : Army
    Air force
    HQ Ministry of National Defense
    Commander in Chief : Pres. Moncef Marzouki
    Minister of
    National Defense : Abdelkarim Zbidi
    Chief Of staff : General Rachid Ammar
    The modern Tunisian Army had its origins in the time of the French Protectorate (1881–1956). During this period, Tunisians were recruited in significant numbers into the French Army, serving as tirailleurs (infantry) andspahis (cavalry). These units saw active service in Europe during both World Wars, as well as in Indo-China prior to 1954. The only exclusively Tunisian military force permitted under French rule was the Beylical Guard.
    The Tunisian National Army was established in 1956, at the time of independence. It initially comprised about 1,300 officers and men transferred from French Army service, plus 850 former members of the Beylical Guard. Approximately 4,000 Tunisian soldiers continued in French Army service until 1958, when the majority transferred to the Tunisian Army, which reached a strength of over 6,000 that year. The Tunisian Navy was created in 1959 and the Tunisian Air Force in 1960.
    In 1960 Tunisian troops served with the United National Peacekeeping Force in the Congo. In 1961 clashes occurred with French forces based at Bizerte. The French evacuated the base after subsequent negotiations with the Tunisian Government.
    Tunisia has contributed military forces to United Nations peacekeeping missions, including an army company to UNAMIR during the Rwandan Genocide. In his book Shake Hands with the Devil, Canadian force commander Roméo Dallaire gave the Tunisian soldiers high credit for their work and effort in the conflict and referred to them as his "ace in the hole".
    During the 2011 Libyan civil war, Tunisian forces, mostly border guards, saw some limited action when fighting between Libyan rebels and loyalist soldiers spilled over the border and clashes ensued between the Libyan Army and the Tunisian Army, resulting in at least one Tunisian civilian being injured by a Libyan rocket.

    Next pictures

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    Not really sure I understand the point/purpose of this thread. Please explain.

    ETA -- I am going to merge this with your other "intro post". It has no real place in the "Marine Family" category, and nowhere else that I can determine. So it gets merged.

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    What does this have to do with the United States Marine Corps?

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    Marines With Tunisia army

    Tunis, Tunisia (Nov. 17, 2006) - The Marine Corps color guard assigned to the American Embassy in Tunis marches past a corridor of Tunisian honor guards while retiring the colors during a wreath-laying ceremony at the North African American Cemetery in Tunis. The Veterans Day ceremony was postponed by a few days in order to be performed during the port visit of dock landing ship USS Whidbey Island (LSD 41). Whidbey Island's visit marked the first port call of a major U.S. Navy ship in Tunisia since 2001. The North Africa American Cemetery is one of 24 American cemeteries on foreign soil and covers 27 acres of land between the Mediterranean and the Bay of Tunis. Established in 1948, the cemetery holds the graves of 2,841 service members who died while serving during the World War II North Africa campaign. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Rosa Larson

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    when i was in the Marine Corps,, i was going to reenlist and that embassy duty there was one spot that was wide open,, now that i think of it i should have reenlisted and gone there from what i have read it seems like a pretty interesting place,, with the Roman ruins and the French ties there,,

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    Merged another thread. I'm going to contact the OP via PM and explain things a little.

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