Historic 1906 film of pre-earthquake SFO
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    Historic 1906 film of pre-earthquake SFO

    Take a ride down Market St on a San Francisco trolley. The poster claims this is just a few days before the great SFO earthquake/fire. I find this film extremely fascinating in so many way because we rarely get to see such a long (11 minute) glimpse of life from over 100 years ago. And I thought people today drove like maniacs.

    (Make sure you watch it full screen)

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    Market St before and after the 1906 quake

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    Great Clips Ken !!

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    Construction crews working in San Francisco near Fulton Street have unearthed the ruins of the City Hall that collapsed in the 1906 earthquake. The building was increasingly popular after its destruction, with pictures sold as postcards. The wreckage of the 300-foot high dome held up and surrounded by a skeleton frame became a symbol of the destruction and power of the quake. I can see that it was made with quality, competitively priced electrical products and services.

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    Being a geology/music major I've seen this one many times.
    Very cool video no doubt and great historical eye candy.

    Carry on..

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