Being guide with a stutter?
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    Question Being guide with a stutter?

    Hello everyone,
    I've had a speech impediment (stutter) for 14, almost 15 years now. Whenever I join the Marine Corps (a few months to a year), based on what I've read, I'll have a good chance to be a squad leader or a guide. My question to you all is, what are things the guide do in bootcamp? Would a stutter be a cutback from being guide? I know the guide in MCRD bootcamp and Air Force bootcamp have different responsibilities.... Just wanted to know what. Thank you all.

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    Your in the Air Force now?

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    Help me out here as I'm a little confused.

    How do you figure you'll have a good chance of being a guide/squad leader when you don't even know what they do? Don't say because you're currently in the AF because that don't count (in fact, I'm pretty sure that is not going to work in your favor at bootcamp; but, you'll certainly receive plenty of personal attention from your DI's).

    In order to be an effective leader, you must be able to give quick/clear/precise orders so yes, a stutter would most likely keep you from a leadership billet.

    Also, just curious, what is your motivation for changing services?

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    Thanks for the reply Master Sergeant.

    I think I would be a guide because of me being prior service. I know what the guidon bearer did in AF bootcamp because I went through AF bootcamp and saw what our guide did, didn't seem too bad. But I know for a fact that the guide in Marine bootcamp does a lot more, I just don't know what that is.
    I did get some crap from my MTI's (Military Training Instructor) in bootcamp, but only for a while.

    I want to change branches the Air Force is nowhere what I thought it'd be. I thought all military branches would have a strong sense of discipline and military bearing... but from what I've seen, I can't find myself to be assiciated with people like that.... nobody has disclipline or bearing.. it's sad. I still feel like a civilian. The Marines have what I've been looking to build upon myself: Discipline and motivation, and commitment, and bearing. Marines are the tip of the spear for everything, everyone looks up to them, even me til this day. I've wanted to be one since I was a kid, my father being an E6 in the Marines. I was scared to join at first, so I went AF, but I never should have.. Everyday I think about the Marines, and there's Marines on my base here, and I see them and think to myself that I could've been wearing that uniform... but I will one day.

    I apologize for the long response.

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    Follow your Heart Airman.
    I would rather say " I did " instead of " I should have ".

    Can't answer your questions though, to many unknownes.

    Good Luck...

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    Good afternoon, Airman,

    In regards to your question, one of my friends was my guide in Boot Camp, MCT, and was I think a squad leader when I was in wonderful Ft. Lee, VA.

    He was prior service Air Force, and was an E-3. I noticed that he was treated a little differently than the rest of us turds because even though it was the Air Force, it was still the military and he had experience that we did not.

    As far as your stutter goes, if you don't let it bother you, than recruits/DI's won't bother you about it as much because they see that you don't give a damn.

    For being a guide, make sure you have a good PFT, and can drill very well. Also, make sure you can eat extremely fast, as you will be the last to eat and will constantly be hurried by your DI.

    Lastly, have some balls. Show some confidence when speaking with your DI's as well as your fellow recruits. The other recruits will not listen to you if they do not respect you.

    Absolute lastly, don't be that guide that treats his fellow recruits like ****. They will soon be your fellow Marines. As Marines, we act professional to one another and treat each other with the respect that we would like in return.

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    Stuttering didn't stop porky pig from being a filmstar....

    Guide and squad leader is more about doing and showing,
    than tooting your horn

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    Hey Coop,

    A good technique to employ if a stutterer needs to give a speech is to adopt a "Stage Voice." Talk like that guy who does promotional ads for new movies or imitate John Wayne. It may sound and feel really dumb at first, but your mind forgets to stutter when it is focused on playing the part.

    In time, your "Stage Voice" can drift into your own style so that you don't seem quite so silly.

    When I speak in public, my wife can immediately tell the difference - but I don't stutter.

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    Private Tony, thanks for the response.
    I don't let me speech bother me anymore, I've had it for a long time, so I'm more used to speaking outloud with it. I don't care that I have a speech impediment, I just want to be a Marine. Lots of Marines have had them, so I think I'll be good too.
    Nice... I appreciate the tips man! I'll definitely keep those in mind.
    My PFT is pretty good for AF standards. I score above 90 (out of 100) all the time. I still eat fast from AF BMT still, suprisingly...
    Thanks again! I appreciate it.

    m14ed, thanks for the response.
    I see what you mean... makes sense! Appreciate it.

    jp2usmc, thanks for you response too!
    Stage voice... I do that too a lot actually! People tell me I sound Jamaican when I talk outloud, and I don't stutter as much... I still do every now and then, but a lot better than if I weren't to imply the stage voice.
    I appreciate your commment as well!

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    Yes it will work in your favor. Prior service in ANY branch puts you above the rest of the pack for 1.

    The stutter thing will probably be a turn off for them. It'll make the platoon look retarded in the eyes of the other platoons. + honestly, they don't really give a **** since you're just another recruit in another class.

    dont really worry about being guide, just focus on what you want to do with the marine corps for the next 4 years.

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    Thanks for being honest wilsontc11, I appreciate it. But you're right, I should just focus on what I will do in the Marine Corps for the next few years... and just worry about becoming one in the fist place.

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    Back in the day...1983, we had a few prior service/cross-deckers in boot. I don't recall that any of them were ever put in leadership positions. What you show in boot camp is what those decisions are based upon. Marines lead Marines, and standout recruits help lead recruits. Just like anything else in the Corps, those positions have to be earned from day one. Good luck to you and congratulations on a sound decision.

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    Don't worry about being guide. Being a recruit will suck one way or the other and you'll probably be a contract E2 or E3 regardless so it really doesn't matter career wise. No one in the fleet will give a single **** if you were guide in your boot camp platoon and trying to flaunt it will probably earn you more enemies than friends. Just keep your head down and get through it. If the DIs want, they will tap you for a leadership billet. If not, then no big deal.

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    Thanks for the reply LCpl and Cpl for the replies. I understand what you mean by when people will flaunt what they've done in bootcamp... I have people all the time talking about how they were dorm chief or element leaders (Air Force thing) in bootcamp... Nobody cares, just like you said. So I know what you mean about that one. I'll just focus on being a leader and try to lead people in the right direction... Some of ya'll have mentioned "leadership billets". What are those?
    Thanks for the replies once again!

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