1st Marines in 2nd Mar Div?
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    1st Marines in 2nd Mar Div?

    Were the 1st Marines in the 2nd Marine Division in the Gulf War or any other time? I meet a guy, who says he was in the 1st Marines in the Gulf in '91.

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    1st Marines were in Desert Shield and Storm.. Not part of the 2nd MarDiv but the 1st MarDiv..

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    Thanks. I didn't think they were.

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    These were the units deployed to Desert Storm..

    I Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF) Camp Pendleton, CA II Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF) Camp Lejune, NC III Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) Okinawa 1st Marine Division Camp Pendleton, CA 2nd Marine Division Camp Lejune, NC 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade Kaneohe, HI 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade Camp Pendleton, CA 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade Norfolk, VA 7th Marine Expeditionary Brigade 29Palms, CA Maritime Prepositioned Ships Guam, Diego Garcia, MPS-1, MPS-2, MPS-3 and Norfolk, VA. Regimental Combat Team 7 29 Palms, CA Brigade Service Support Group 7 Camp Pendleton, CA

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    Operation Iraqi Freedom

    Marines from 3rd Battalion 1st Marines and 3rd Battalion 5th Marines during the Second Battle of Fallujah.
    3rd Battalion, 1st Marines deployed to Kuwait in January 2003 and in March of the year took part in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, including the Battle of Nasiriyah. The battalion re-deployed to Camp Pendleton in the summer of 2003.

    The unit then re-deployed to Iraq in mid-2004 and was based near Fallujah. They were the main effort in November 2004 during in Operation Al Fajr (pronounced Al Fad-jer), the retaking of the city of Fallujah. Before the assault commenced, the operation was known as Operation Phantom Fury. 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines was part of the composition of RCT 1. RCT 1 was partly responsible for clearing the infamous Jolan District among others. Alongside RCT 7, four Marine battalions (including 1/3, 1/8, and 3/5) and various US Army units reclaimed the city of Fallujah from unrest.

    The battalion re-deployed back to Iraq in September 2005 and were attached to 2nd Marine Regiment (known as Regimental Combat Team 2), and on 20 February 2006 were attached to the 7th Marine Regiment (known as Regimental Combat Team 7) in western Iraq, carrying out security and stabilization operations. The Battalion returned to Camp Pendleton at the end of March.[4]

    On 10 April 2007, 3/1 deployed as the ground combat element of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit. They were ordered into Iraq as part of Operation Phantom Thunder. Operating north of Fallujah and Karmah in the Thar Thar region in AO Anaheim, MARSOB units attached to the MEU were operating for several days before the ground combat element began operating on 15 June 2007. They were to establish a coalition presence in an area that had only had 14 days of coalition presence since the invasion in March 2003. 3/1 finished operations in Iraq after 90 days of operating on 20 September 2007 and soon after re-embarked on the naval strike group and set sail for the United States and returned to Camp Pendleton on 17 November 2007.

    3/1 deployed to Okinawa in July 2008 as part of the ground combat element of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit.

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    He was asking about Desert Storm in 91'.............

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    Everything has changesince Vietnam. Case in point=--=3/4 is headquarded at 29 Palms along with the 7th Marines.

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