Contract issue, trying to back date for contract PFC
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    Contract issue, trying to back date for contract PFC

    My issue: when I was a poolee I had signed a 4 yr. contract for contract pfc. Short after my recruiter went on terminal leave and his replacement saw that I had a 5 yr mos. So they made me resign another set of the same papers except that this set did not include my college transcript. I did not know that until I was in bootcamp and the drill instructor told me that all I have to to is have it mailed to me and they will fix it. Now my mother did not have permission to go to the college and print out a transcript for me so I was screwed. When I went home on leave I got the college transcript and took it to mct. They didnt want to help me and said it couldnt be done. I wen to comm school and they said that my s-1 can fix it when I went to the fleet. So I go to 2/5 (retreat hell) and my s-1 sends me to rpac then they mailed a copy of my transcript to headquarters. It's been about a year now and I still have not gotted backdated. I told my s-1 again and they said that they dont know if it could be possible. Help?

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    Best advice I can give you is to use the chain of command.

    You might want to start chronically organizing when all of these events happened, who you dealt with, and what paperwork you sent them.

    Each time you go one step higher in your chain of command, be sure to make notes as to what happened with the last outcome.

    Eventually, you will get to someone who can make this work. When that person sees your paper trail and those involved who slacked on their duties, they will be able to tell where to focus their attention.

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    That is one method to seek resolution. In the end, it may or may not work for you.

    Another resolution is...well, you say you have been in now a year (or maybe a year since signing your contract?) but you should be an E-2 by now.

    Consider refocusing on your job, busting your butt at doing what is required of you, go the extra mile, excel as a Marine, and who knows, you might be put up for meritorious promotions and gain rank quicker than fighting for guaranteed PFC.

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    Also, PM Shaffer and get your status changed to Marine, not poolee.

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