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    Reserves fill empty spaces attached to an active duty unit, unless the whole reserve unit is deploying. Deploying as a reservist is fairly easy, or not deploying, for that matter.

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    TMAC, Are you from Beverly, MA? I am from there too.

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    Devilbones yes I am

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    Being reserve was the worst choice i made haha. I dont like being at home and wish i didn't do it! This is going to be tough waiting until october and I haven't heard from my PS recruiter. Now without a job going to be broke besides my once a month. I filed for unemployment but still haven't received a check haha once again wish I went active from the get go. Guess I screwed the pooch on this one

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    Ladies and Gents,

    I'm looking for a PS recruiter to help me weigh my options. I've tried talking with my regional recruiter, but the GySgt seemed less than enthusiastic about providing any information. It could be because it's the end of the FY and there's not much out there, but in any case, I have a few questions.

    My info:
    Sgt. at time of EAS
    MOS 5831 Corrections specialist
    BMOS 8530 Marksmanship Coach
    0 NJP
    0 disciplinary problems
    3 dependents (children from previous marriage)
    Height/Weight are within regs
    1 tattoo shows in pt uniform, though it is waiverable (religious tattoo smaller than the size of my hand)
    1st class pft, Rifle Expert, Pistol Expert, RE-1A

    1. My end goal is go back to full active duty. Is there a route for me?
    2. Am I better off trying to go SMCR or IMA?
    3. Finish package now or wait and submit Jan 1 once boatspaces are opened up to prior service?

    I thank you for your time and knowledge.

    Semper Fidelis,
    Sgt. Moreno

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