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    Question about Active-Reserves


    I'm a 0621 working on a Active-Reserves packet. I'm trying to go active but the PS recruiter told me that they are not taking reserves besides Active Reserves route. For my job there are 3 slots for San Diego and 1 slot for Illinois and I'm not sure what its going to be like. I've only been home 2 months and couldnt stand being a reserve haha.

    Can I get some insight on some Marines that went AR? Preferably Comm guys just to see what we do as AR guys. The packet is being sent in saturday I would like to know what could cause them to deny me AR. Only thing that I had to get was an age waiver because im only 18.

    Would I get put in barracks or BAH? I tried researching it and my PS recruiter said it depends. I just want to know a little bit more about AR!

    Thank you

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    It depends on the reserve station you go to. If there are barracks available (assuming you aren't married) then yes, you will be put in barracks. If it's in the middle of a city and there is no billeting, you will rate BAH for that city. They require you to be 21 years of age, no tattoos or brandings that are visible in PT gear or aren't already grandfathered. If you are married, you can only have 2 dependents. (1 kid and 1 wife) normally. But everything can be waived. AR really doesn't deploy a whole lot, if the reserve unit is deploying, you will more than likely be RBE. What other questions do you have?

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    with those waivers which I will only need one for the age is it guaranteed once the paper work is complete? or is there a chance they may deny it. Basically I'm wondering is it a selective program? Thanks!

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    They can still deny it. It is a selective program. So get your PFT/CFT, rifle range, bst, and everything else in order and as high as possible so they are pretty much begging for you when they see your package. If you aren't a decent first class pft...need not apply.

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    I'm 1st class PFT/CFT not 300's but not low and 309/350 on the range so decent i think haha hopefully those will help. I have no MCI's done yet because I just picked up LCPL last in april because of drill schedule so I'm working on getting one tested now. hopefully that wont have a big effect on their decision

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    MCI's shouldn't really have anything to do with their decision...but it can never hurt. When you pick up and have Marines under you, don't tell them they can't do MCI's before they pick up LCpl...there are plenty of other MCI's they can do once they pick up to better their knowledge besides the big 3. Have you taken your picture and gotten your height and weight verified? That's another thing you have to do for your package...

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    Really? Wish I knew that would have done more MCIs and yes i have the picture and height/weight all set. Long pprocess but going to be worth it!

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    Yes it will. I am going through the same thing right now. I have to run my PFT at the end of this month and my package will be ready to go. I hate being a reservist. I have skipped around to 4 different reserve units in the past 10 years looking for deployments. A steady paycheck doing something that I love, now that is where it's at.

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    Well thank you for the info Rahh!

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    Let us know the outcome when you get the results!

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    went in to meet with my PS recruiter more paper work of course! haha no biggie but the only jobs avaiable until the Fiscal year of 2013 in October is 6326(-Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Systems Technician, V-22) 135 day MOS school in Penscola, FL

    and there were 3 Admin slots open not sure I could handle doing paper work for 3 years haha and i don't know how promotions are with admin. The last one I saw was flight crew for a C-130 I don't know the MOS number for that I forget but yeah i'm a 0621 and like my job and need some insight about pro's and con's on those MOS's.

    I'm not academically proficient and have a worry that it will be too hard to do. I was reading the job descriptions besides admin i'm sure I could pick up on that


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    You can look up the pros/cons for the prior months/years on the Manpower website (there's a link on Why don't you wait until the new boat spaces open up in October, and fill one as a 0621. If you know COM, and you love it, try and stick to it. That way you aren't forced to retrain. If you have your package done already, just wait it out. OR, look up the MOS road maps for those other MOS' and take your pick. I've been in the airwing and the ground side, do yourself a favor and weigh the two. In my experience, the airwing works long hours and your job is never really finished, on the ground side, you are always training but usually have some weekends off, but it's not as laid back as the air wing.

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    yeah i do really like my job and i am good at it so far. I want to wait but now im currently unemployed besides my one weekend a month. I'm hoping my unit can help me with extra drill days or something!

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    Going AR

    I'm surprised that they would even let you apply to the AR program and let you lat move with so little time in. Considering how tight things are getting budget wise that is. I was a Communications/Navigation/Electrical/Systems Technician for H-53's. And Sgt Mason is correct, you will work allot! I have never worked so hard in any other job in my life time. You will also need a good GT score (over 110) and the school is challenging. I was AD and was also I & I. Going back in on the Reserve side this time has been a trying experience to say the least. But most of my frustration has been with the lazy I & I staff. Hopefully you will get in with a good unit.

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    Yeah, I talked to my Squad leader and he said there is no way a LCPL this new can retrain and that recruiters lie like that still so I have to wait until my job opens to get it i guess. I am researching how reserves find a unit deploying and request it. Any links or resources that can point me into the right direction? I don't know if reserves can go with a active unit or if its reserve units deploying only. Anything will help


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