Forced EAS MCBUL 5314 and medically fit?
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    Forced EAS MCBUL 5314 and medically fit?

    Just as the title suggests I'm am being seperated due to MCBUL 5314 that came out September 2011. Been in 9 years, I have two passes on promotion and have less than 6 months remaining on my contract. I waited a long time for surgery and finally got it after many months of fruitless and more damaging physical therapy. I am still recovering from a surgery which was recent and I am on limdu for the 1st time. I'm pretty sure I will need another surgery on another area of my body and hopefully will get it done before my EAS.

    How does a medical evaluation work when there is a forced EAS? Will they put me on medical hold pending recovery of surgery (s)? Or will they seperate me regardless? This is all very scary. I've been the breadwinner for 15 years, and right now I can't do any physical work.

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    One more thought, my injuries happened off duty using the proper PPE.

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