Another MEPS question. Do I need to worry?
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    Another MEPS question. Do I need to worry?

    I would greatly appreciate any of you Marines giving me your two cents on my "dilemma", "issue", whatever word you so choose.

    First and foremost, my status is poolee, obviously signed my contract, etc etc. When I went to meps my second time (to sign after getting an approved tattoo waiver) I poked through my medical file while waiting in line to check in. Now before I continue, I realize this is only my word and that is all you have to go on, so I will try to be blunt and say I swear on my recently deceased, former active duty Marine grandfather's soul that I am being completely honest in what I have to say.

    The ever popular question "have you ever been prescribed or used an inhaler?" Well, when i got home I whipped out my copy of medical records (yes i keep my own copy for "just in case" reasons) and i was prescribed one. Now please, hopefully you arent frustrated already, i would like to explain that prescription...

    3 years ago, I had a chest pain, I had a whole battery of tests done (EKG, ECG, and i think one more) anyway, they all came back clean and normal. Well, i guess i went in with a similar chest pain not long after that, without any tests done, i was prescribed an inhaler for precautionary reasons. I will quote from my records here, "jan, 09 start inhaler ONLY IF (yes that is capitalized) there is trouble breathing during sports"
    Okay, well i know i never went to get that inhaler, and obviously then, never used it, so thats one part down. Later I was given a pulmonary function test to rule out asthma (mind you that was a few months after said prescription) test came back clean, no asthma, nor any respiratory issue for that matter. Doctor later assumed that the pain was due to a stress issue after losing my father in 07 and dealing with watching my grandfather slowly lose his fight with cancer. I want to reiterate that I have NOT been diagnosed with ANY disqualifying ailment.

    In short, I answered no to that question, and I honestly forgot about ever getting that prescription, as you can see, it was not ever a major issue in my life, so it was easy to forget. So now I am having mini anxiety worries that this is going to pop up down the road (possibly when i get my secret SC?) and they will figure "its a small lie (even though it isnt), but a lie is a lie" and kicked my ass out the door.

    I read up on article 83 and it says deliberate lying, which i did not (i dont see how they prove that though) and also it has to have been about a matter that is 100% disqualifying, which I dont believe an inhaler that I never used or had any condition diagnosed, would be. Do I keep my mouth shut since it is basically over nothing? That is what i have been told my many. Everybody says so far that my situation is unique, but in a good way. Since I am in good shape and really did forget about it, it shouldn't be worried about.

    Thank you so much for any time you put into this. It will be forever appreciated.

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