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    Marine Infantry Reserve

    Hi all,

    I served on active in the Air Wing from 2000-2005. I am interested joining a reserve infantry unit, but wonder if this would even be allowed. Does anyone have any input on this from experience or from what you've heard?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You would have to go back to SOI and do ITB instead of MCT... I have a guy in my unit who was a 92 day reservist (which means you go to bootcamp one summer, then go to your reserve unit after you graduate and start training. Then the following summer you go to ITB and graduate with your MOS). Long story short im in weapons plt as an assaultman. This kid wasnt aloud in our plt after he graduated bootcamp until he went to ITB the next summer and earned his MOS. They kept him in the 11's platoon b/c he didnt know anything yet. What im getting at is i doubt they'll let you in the unit unless you get back to MOS school. And on the flip side, my buddy just went from a reserve comm guy to active intel and he obviously had to go to the intel school in virginia before he could go to his new unit.
    Clearly i dont know all the answers, but this is what i've seen. We both know your best bet is go see the prior service recruiter, good luck brother

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    Thanks for the thorough reply. It makes sense that I'd have to go through go through ITB and I'm willing to do so if they let me. Age probably isn't on my side either. I'll dial up the prior-service recruiter and see what he has to say. Thanks again brother.

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    I got out in 05 and came back in 09. I joined an infantry unit and was made a squad leader even though I hadn't completed my lat move to 0351. The unit will take you regardless of your MOS. Your age shouldn't be an issue at all, I have a buddy who just got back in and he's in his 40's. What unit are you trying to join?

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