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    Looking for some answers???

    I have a young friend who just entered the DEP (her recruiter talked her in to signing open contract, and promised she could pick an MOS before shipping to boot). She wants to be a linguist, and she is also interested in the FET. I don't have a lot of info for her on the FET, when I was in (long long ago), that wasn't an option! Can anyone tell me if there are particular MOS's that you need to get into the FET? Her goal is to deploy as much as possible, and she plans on making a career out of service.

    So any comments/suggestions/opinions about the linguistics field, or the FET would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you all in advance!!

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    No MOS for the FET; strictly voluntary. GOOGLE "USMC Female Engagement Teams" for info.

    The USMC is looking to open up combat MOS's for females (as directed by Congress). Soon, OCS graduates will be given the opportunity to volunteer for Infantry Officer training. If your friend stays in long enough, she may get the opportunity to deploy with a combat unit depending on how this experiment turns out.

    She should be able to pick a program (MOS field) prior to shipping to PI (based on her ASVAB scores). To be a linguist, she would need to submit for the Intel Program, take and pass the DLAB test.

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    The FET is something that you kind of have to work a "crack deal" to get. Once the Marine is assigned to a command she will have to talk to their HDQTRS to see how many slots for this billet are open. In my case I tried desperately to fill one of the two slots available however your chain of command must approve and let you go without a replacement for the duration of that deployment (which mine wasnt willing to do). Unfortunately, the FET is decreasing in size due to the draw down in Afghanistan right now. She may want to look into MARSOC which has this female team called CST (Cultural Segregation Team) which I am currently attempting myself. As the MSgt said more jobs will open up for us, unfortunately noone can tell when. Hope this makes sense and helps.

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