Alot has been focused on Black Hawk Down.I am surprized that many people have not heard about this mission involving a combined rescue force of 51 U.S. Marines and 9 Navy Seals.This mission was the beginning of events that would lead to Operation Restore Hope and Black Hawk Down.On 2 January 1991 U.S. Ambassador to Somalia James K.Bishop makes the frantic call to Washington D.C. for rescue.A two ship task force is diverted from Operation Desert Shield and sent 1500 miles to Mogadishu Somalia to rescue the U.S. Embassy. Conditions on the ground in Mogadishu rapidly deterioate.On 5 January at 0247 am a heavily armed 60 man rescue force 51 Marines 9 Navy Seals are launched from the U.S.S. Guam in 2 Marine CH-53 helicopters at a distance of 466 nautical miles from Mogadishu in a attempt to reach the U.S. Embassy before it is to late.
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Sergeant LaLand