9th Defense Bn.
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Thread: 9th Defense Bn.

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    9th Defense Bn.

    I am trying to get my fathers WWII medals and ribbons. I have his records so I know when and were his was during his time in the Pacific with the 9th Defense Bn.

    During the battle for Guadalcanal the first Marine Division was awarded the PUC for its actions from Aug. 1942 to Dec 9, 1942. My fathers unit the 9th defense Bn. landed on the Island on Dec. 3, 1942 and was attached to the 1st Marine Division until the Division was relieve on Dec. 9, 1942, so the 9th Defense Bn. was only attached to the Division for 6 days,would this make the 9th Defense Bn. eligible for the PUC.

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    I would say so, as long as he was within the dates prescribed, be it 1 day or the entire time..

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