Difficulty of reenlisting into a different MOS?
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    Difficulty of reenlisting into a different MOS?

    Now I know that this is very long term, but I would be possibly interested in reenlisting into EOD after I'm done with my initial enlistment(and I know that with the wars over its far less likely). I know that lat moving would be impossible for something like a linguist mos, but my question is, is it any less difficult to switch to a different MOS if you are reenlisting?

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    Young man, how about you take it one step at a time and complete recruit training, mct and your mos school first.
    With the way cutbacks are going to happen in the Marine Corps over the next few years, you may find it difficut to re-enlist period.

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    You are going to change your mind about staying in, what MOS to stay in with, and where to go if you stay in -- about a million times during your enlistment. So, yes you are putting the cart waaaay before the horse here. Best bet is to wait and get into the MOS you want now. Because lat moves are not easy. Plenty of folks do them but nothing is certain.

    And EOD, well you better think long and hard about that, the Marines screening for that will look you over with a fine toothed comb to see if you have what it takes. It isn't something you can just request, well, you can, but you will be pre-screened very thoroughly. So my point is to not worry about it now. Focus on what you have control over now. It's good to look ahead, but don't do it too long or you'll stumble on what is right in front of you.

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    Look how do you even know you want to stay in? I was all moto and gungho and wanted to be a lifer. I "KNEW" I was going to serve at least 20 years and do amazing B Billets. I was going to love life. I am currently waiting on the new maradmin so I can EAS asap. The Corps not bad at all but things/opportunities come up in different places and your original path might fork. Also 10percent of recruits dont even graduate bootcamp. Some more dont make SOI/MCT and then you have people getting adsep'd, NJP'd, Court Martialed. You have 4 yrs of hard work and keeping your nose clean before you could even think about lat moving. You can lat move when reenlisting as long as you havent hit your 8yr mark. So 1 lat move is about it during your career.

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    When it comes to reenlisting many scenarios are "possible" but so many stars have to align at that particular instant in time it's impossible to look ahead. First of all, reenlistment is a numbers game and powered by the number of boat spaces available during that particular fiscal year (FY) after all the Marines eligible to get out do or not. If it turns out there is no boat space for you when you are eligible to reenlist, your reenlistment request (and that's what it is) will be denied no matter what kind of record you have. During my career, I saw plenty of outstanding Marines (including young SNCO's with families) who had planned on a career in the USMC forced out at reenlistment time. If you happen to be in an overpopulated MOS and wouldn't mind moving into an underpopulated MOS (and have the GT score and are qualified) you may request a lateral move in conjunction with reenlistment but again, this is a crap shoot.

    Also, as a reenlistment incentive, you may request a "B" billet (working outside of your primary MOS) such as DI, Recruiting, or MSG (embassy duty) if you are qualified. "B" billets show you can do more than just your MOS, work independently without direct supervision, and are vital for a successful career. To be successful, one must balance time in-and-out of their primary MOS as well as FMF (fleet) and non-FMF units. Some Marines are more comfortable in the fleet than out and vice-versa. But, to grow as an individual, you cannot always stay in your comfort zone and must seek challenging assignments (your competition will).

    Some things (working hard every day, being squared-away/military appearance/bearing, and staying out of trouble) are under your control but many things (promotions, assignments, and reenlistment opportunities) will be determined by many factors you may or may not be able to control.

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