Non Petty Officer John E Winn served on Vieques PR
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    Non Petty Officer John E Winn served on Vieques PR

    While on a beach on Vieques PR I found a military ID belonging to John E Winn. His DOB is 1945, so he would be 67 now. It looks to be issued in 1966. It appears the commanding officer was a Maj B. L. Magness.
    I would like to return the ID to John or his family. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I will do some searching and inquiries with a Naval source and see if I can find anything out.

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    Wow...have looked just about everywhere with no results. Without a unit or service number it is almost impossible. The Major Magness is all over the place, however, though I can't put him on Vieques or at Roosevelt Roads Naval Station. He seems to have had a rather distinguished career, retiring as a Lt. General, but he passed away in 2008 in Arkansas, his home state, at the age of 84. I will try some other research areas and see if I can get some hits. I'm thinking John E. Winn may have been on Vieques on a stopover...possibly. I'll try to find reunion sites for Vieques and other PR bases and see if his name turns up on any of them.

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    Many thanks for your efforts. I know there were a ton of Marines and Naval people on Vieques for years, so I just assumed he was stationed there. However, he may have just been there for a training exercise.

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    There is a number on the card that might be his service #.
    It is 599 44 47

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    That may help. I'll keep you posted. I don't have the resources that some of these Marines do, but I will see if it turns up anything.

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