Medical review taking seven months?
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    Medical review taking seven months?


    I stepped into a recruiting office back in September 2011, and told my recruiter about me breaking my legs when I was 14 (broke right femur and left tibia), and had rods and screws put in my legs. They were removed when I was 16 (this happened about 4 years ago). He said I was still going to need a waiver, so I got all of my medical documents from the surgeries, including a letter from my doctor stating that he thought I was good to go. In October, my recruiter told me he sent them for medical review, and told me it could take up to six months. Cool, now I can get more college credit.

    Recently, I went to a Navy office with my buddy who wanted to get more information about the Navy Seals. They asked me questions too, and I explained to them about my situation. They said meddoc reviews usually only take a month or two, and they even looked up my social security number to see if it was even in the system. They told me there's no record of my documents.

    I've been bugging my Marine recruiter about
    my waiver/med review since January constantly, just to see whatsup. He told me he still doesn't know.I know the Marines aren't dealing much with medical waivers right now, but I'm wondering if my medical documents were even sent? Anything I can do? I still haven't taken the asvab or been to meps. I've only taken the practice asvab and got a 92.

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    Navy can't see that info.

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    Navy doesn't have the same system for looking up people as we do. Talk to your recruiter if you want to actually see for yourself. The navy recruiter is doing his job, recruiting.. of course he'd say that.

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    I've asked him just about every week since it was sent. Thanks for letting me know though, I guess my medical review is just taking awhile.

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    It's the Government son...NOTHING happens fast.

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