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    Doesn't look like anything is wrong, for all we know he it is at some FOB in North Eastern Afghan, and the CO has them not shaving because they are training Afghans, and they want them to "fit in." Anyway, who really cares. Generally, shaving and haircuts are still required, but it is relaxed depending on what is occuring operationally, smoking bad guys and staying alive is more important then get haircuts and shaving. Semper.

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    Heck, I saw airwingers who looked like that all of the time! LOL

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    Not sure about an airwinger... I mean really? LNK has HOT working showers, 24/7 chow hall, 2 PXs, 3 USOs, Laundry rooms. If they look like they've been out for a few weeks then those people are disgusting, and their NCOs failed by not maintaining some standards. Maybe it's the jealousy of how cush they have have it. But Id live in Afgharrison and be clean all day everyday with AC and bunk beds.

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