Boyfriend just left for boot camp.
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    Boyfriend just left for boot camp.

    My boyfriend just left for boot camp on 4-23-12, I am finding it way harder than I thought it would be, I think the hardest part is just not being able to communicate at all, I have so many letters stacked up waiting to be mailed. Can anyone tell me how long it will be before I get a letter with the address to send his letters to? Also in boot camp are they allowed to make any calls at all ever or is it just letters?

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    Alpha Co. recruits are on the range qualifying today. Not too long now. Then the more training starts at SOI in August.

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    I need an alternate ID on here so I can ask this young woman out while this guy is away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp2usmc View Post
    I need an alternate ID on here so I can ask this young woman out while this guy is away.

    Pssssst JP...
    Just tell her,
    " Jodie's"

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    You should've recieved the address with his plt a while back. He's recruiter should have it since they have to write at least 1 letter to the recruit. At least thats how it was at my RSS. Also you know his Company. If he's west coast It should be this-
    Rct Last name, First name
    1st Bn Alpha Co Plt XXXX
    36001 Midway Ave
    SanDiego, CA 92140-2126

    He's pretty much done. But you could still send him letters. Also its only snail mail not phone or facebook. He probably wrote down your address wrong or some dumb mistake where mail got lost.

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