Any chance a linguist at DLI can find out duty station early?
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    Any chance a linguist at DLI can find out duty station early?

    I realize that there's probably no hope, but I figured I'd ask.

    So my wife is at DLI learning Arabic right now. I'm out here with her and have to put my life on hold until she finds out her duty station. Only then can I start looking for a job/house/etc.

    I've also thought about rejoining the Marine Corps as a linguist with her, but I don't know how rejoining works and if I get a duty station first or go to school first or what. If I'd be getting a duty station first, then what should I do? Would she likely be stationed with me? Or me with her?

    I guess my question is... does anyone know how things work behind the scenes for when and how linguists get their duty stations? Do they know all along and not tell them? Do they not decide until right when they graduate? Is there any way to get "reserved" somewhere early? I understand that it may not be "fair" for one Marine to know and the rest don't, but it sure is inconvenient for a spouse waiting to start their life until we know where we're going.

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    My advice is have your wife (or her leadership) talk to the SEA about it and see what he has to say.

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    She won't know anything until she's getting ready to finish training at Goodfellow AFB, if she makes that far.

    I think it was soon before graduating from DLI that I was able to submit a wishlist. I didn't get any of my three preferences.

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