Duck Walk at MEPS question.Temporarily DQ'ed from MEPS. Possible Waiver Approval?
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    Duck Walk at MEPS question.Temporarily DQ'ed from MEPS. Possible Waiver Approval?

    I tried posting this in Ask a Marine, but it won't let me for some reason. Anyway, I went to MEPS in Anchorage yesterday, and everything went fine until I got to the stupid Duck Walk thing during the Physical where we all stand there doing odd exercises in just our boxers. Also, I realize I will probably be told straight off the back to "search the forums", which I have, but since things change all the time, especially in regards to waivers, I figured I would post anyway. Also, sorry that this is kinda long.

    I passed every other exercise they make you do just fine until it came to the final one, the duck walk. I lost my balance towards the end of it. I tried it 3 times (and sadly failed) before the doctor made me stand up and stop. When I went in for the individual exam by another doctor after these exercises, the doc said there were no problems whatsoever with me and everything was good except for the Duck Walk issue. He said I should be absolutely fine with lots of practice and that I was medically cleared and good. Yet, he still "temporarily disqualified" me from MEPS, and he started the process for a Waiver for me over this issue. So therefore, I don't see how I can be medically fine, but whatever.

    I called my recruiter afterwards and when he got me from MEPS he said it's not really that big of a deal, that I wasn't the first one to not pass the duck walk, and I won't be the last, and that there are plenty of worse things that you could have been . I guess I just need to strengthen my legs and knees better. But I am concerned that the waiver might not be approved. I was told if that's the case, I will have to wait a month and go back to MEPS again to just retake the duck walk, and if I pass it, then I move on to all the other steps at MEPS. I know I can do it, it's just the fact I have never done that, and I don't think my legs were strong enough for it sadly. I also have never whatsoever had an orthopedic problem anywhere on my body before either.

    So, all that said, does anyone have any kinds of ideas as to what the reality might be that this waiver is approved? Or will I more than likely just have to go back in a month instead and re-do the duck walk. They told me at MEPS it will take up to 72 hours before I hear anything. So I'm just wondering if anyone else has had problems with the duck walk before, and what kind of exercises can be done to improve on it, besides practicing it constantly? I also work out and go running pretty much daily.

    I know its kind of sad that I couldn't pass the duck walk, but honestly, I wasn't the only one, and it is actually pretty hard if you've never really done it before. Oh, and please, I'm aware this is embarrassing and downright sad that I couldn't pass a stupid duck walk, so no offense, but I don't need to be told I should just give up on the Corps because of that. I'm aware I need to strengthen my legs more, and that I need to practice doing the duck walk more as well. Any advice or answers are appreciated, and again sorry this is so long.


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    If the doctor says you should have no issues getting a waiver and your recruiter says you should have no issue getting a waiver, then you'll probably have no issues getting a waiver. Waivers are pretty common. It seemed like when I was in, more people had waivers than not.

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    You should get it approved. I see no problem.

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    In the meantime, yeah, practice it until you can do it in your sleep -- just in case you do have to retake it.

    I just googled "help performing the duck walk," and yep, bunch of stuff out there that may or may not help.

    But sounds like, from your doc and recruiter, you'll get a waiver. And you asked earlier, if I am fine, then why a waiver and whatever.

    They have regulations/guidelines. You are fine, but you didn't pass the duck walk, so...that's the whatever part.

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    I hated the duck walk when I did it at MEPS in Miami.... It was one of the most retarded things I've ever had to do... and I've done a lot of dumb things in my day.

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