Question about rank after discharge.
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    Question about rank after discharge.

    I was honorably discharged in '96 as a lance after 4 years in the Corps (the cutting scores for E-4 for 0351s were extremely high at the time).

    When I got my discharge certificate (the official one that you frame), it said E-4. Was this simply a typo? Or was I somehow promoted during inactive reserve?

    I've always been curious about this. I put Corporal in my profile on this site, but if it's not accurate I should change it.

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    Yes, you still rate a score if you are in the IRR. Chances are you finally hit the cut and they promoted you in the system. Nowadays when that happens you can see it reflected on Marine Online. If you were to be recalled you would report back in as a CPL.

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    You got lucky. I was well past qualified (cutting score) for my Sgt, but was never given it.

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    Sounds like you lucked out. I thought there was no rank over LCpl for me. I had time in grade, and the cutting scores but kept getting passed over. Yet there were wuite a few WMs with less time in service/grade that I saw go from Pvt/PFC to Cpls in less than a year. One made Sgt with about 2 yrs in service. I guess the Fact that they worked for a WM Colonel who hated men helped their cause too.

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    Great news, thanks! It was frustrating never getting promoted past lance while on active.

    Let me tell ya, there's nothing like being the senior lcpl in the battalion...

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    The irony of it all is that after all that time, I had to go before the meritorious promotion board to get promoted. The board asked me 3 questions, how much time in grade, time in service and why was I still a Lance Corporal. Then I was dismissed. Got promoted the following week. First shirt just shook his head.I was the senior LCpl in the Bn.

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