Post-911 GI Bill
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    Post-911 GI Bill

    Does anyone have a website or any info on the Post-911? Or better yet anyone who has gone to National University? I know I have to be in class once a month, but these classes are only 4 weeks long a piece. If I take 1 class every 4 weeks, does that count for being a full time student? (Each class is 3-4.5 units a piece). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Here's the trick. If NCO, USMC will PAY for Butter Bars 'if' active. Read Kickstart from Marine Corps College Fund. Catch-22? An example x 2: 1) 0-1's 2k in Debt.Warrant Officer? Secundus: When in USMC SFPH offered Jungle Training, then offered a new "tour de cred" for the training. If still interested, go to PX. Look for USMC Officer Ettiquette, read about timing for Dinners.

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    Call the VA and ask. They will be the experts.

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