Can I switch from a POG to Grunt later on?
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    Can I switch from a POG to Grunt later on?

    I'm in the DEP and my program is Aircraft Electrician. I chose this because I'm not sure if I want to try and make the military my career so I want something that translates well into the civilian world, I'm 110% sure about doing the for 4 years, but I'm not sure about the 20 years. (I'm 18 years old)

    I can write a long explanation but I don't want to bore people, what I'm really asking is, can I change from POG to 03xx when I re-enlist? And from 03xx to Recon? Do 8 years of 03xx or SF and then go back to my POG MOS? Is all of this possible?

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    i don't know about today, but when i was in my mos (0331) was frozen,, i could choose to take a secondary but my primary was locked, so i would be a 0331 for my entire enlistment,, now you could, keep your pog and choose a secondary, while keeping your pog, if they will let you transfer that is, there are a lot of variables, as my daughter is finding out as she tries for a lateral move,,,

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    Correct, normally in initial enlistment, you do your MOS for the duration.

    Normally. But there are always exceptions. After 18 months in my MOS I applied for a program, was selected, and went to college. Had to give them more years, though.

    The way it used to work, is people wanting to change their MOS did that when they re-enlisted and got a lat move. In my field, we used to get quite a few 03xx lat moving on re-enlistment to legal, but nothing is guaranteed.

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    You may reinlist and request a lateral move in MOS -- BUT... the MOS you are in cannot be classified as "short" on personnel, and the MOS that you are lat-moving to cannot be classified as "over" on personnel.

    Here's another thought - let's say that you do successfully get a lat move to become a grunt. Let's assume that you've done well and have picked up corporal - now you go into a grunt unit with really only the grunt skills that a boot PFC has straight out of MOS school. Can you get a slot to squad leader's course? If you do, do you have the requisite grunt knowledge to succeed there?

    Bottom line - if the stars align, you can do it, but it will require a tremendous amount of self-study and dedication to make it happen. I used to see young corporals come into a fleet grunt unit from their first billets - like security forces - and almost all had a pretty steep learning curve to be on a par with the salty lance corporals who have been in the fleet for a while. Some made it, others did not.

    If you want to be a grunt, then be a grunt - there are plenty of marketable skills for an infantry leader (planning, decision making, supervision, problem solving) that are sorely needed in the civilian world.

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