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    Question about running

    Hey all,
    My name is Jason and this is my first post here on Leatherneck. I would like to apologize in advance if I do anything wrong with this post or if it's in the wrong section. Ive been reading the posts on this site for probably about a year now and hopefully within the next couple of weeks ill be a part of the DEP.

    My question is about running. I tried to do a search on here and it wasn't working correctly for me for some reason so i decided to make a post. Lately when ive been running, trying to get into better cardio shape (my weak point), ive been noticing after about 3/4 of a mile the inside of my thighs start itching like crazy, to the point to where i cant continue running and have to walk instead. I did a google search and people said that its from jumping into it too fast, and my body isnt used to it yet. i played sports all through high school and ive never noticed this before, until i actually started just running. I was just wondering if anyone else on here went through this and if it goes away after a couple days/weeks. Any response would be appreciated.


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    How do you get into running? As in do you do any stretching before hand to warm up your muscles?

    Generally, a great way to warm up is by doing DYNAMIC stretching (not static!) so things like high knees, butt kicks, skips, leg swings and maybe a few strides before you go into your run. If your going into a long run take the first 5 minutes at an easy pace....however if you did some good dynamic stretching correctly then you can start going at a solid pace in the beginning.

    By doing dynamic stretching you are keeping the lactic acid in your muscles from building up to quickly. If you jump right into running you muscles don't have the proper time to warm up and so on...blah, you get the point haha.

    See how that goes! It could also be that you don't have the correct shoes. I encourage you to go to a running store and have them look at how you run etc so they can fit you with the proper shoe that you need.

    Just suggestions!

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    Thanks! I'll be sure to try that next time I go out.

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    Learn something new all the time. Our "Daily 7" rarely included any form of dynamic stretching.

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    Although some on this site may be very knowledgable of things relating to acids- etc

    YOU got to know when to consult your Doctor

    Don't self inflict any damage

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    yeah, typically in my experience you should do dynamic stretching before you workout and static stretching after.

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    The itching you experience is from blood circulation that rushes to your legs when you run. For some people this makes their legs itch. It can occur to your hands, too, and typically more so in colder weather where extremities are cold, circulation to that area increases.

    You can try wearing a nylon/spandex type short that goes down to above your knee, though you won't do this in boot camp. You can also wear leggings like Nike Element, Essentials, etc.

    Athletic Artist is absolutely correct that is best to do dynamic warm-up prior to running and static stretching afterwards. Typically I have my runners do a warm-up run from 10 minutes to 35, depending on the workout, then we do drills (dynamic warm-up), do a few accelerator sprints, the workout, 10 minute cooldown, and crazy feet.

    When you get itching, you might also notice an increase in redness and sometimes blotching. For further information, because itchy legs can be more than circulation, read this article:

    Frequently I have found that poolees have little experience running, and when they start, they might start to aggressive. I have recommended and used with many a slower approach to "acclimate" to running. It is 8 weeks and involves running short bouts followed by walking and then running, and it builds until by the end of 8 weeks you run 30 minutes nonstop.

    There are many different programs available on the internet. Google "beginner running program." For instance, here is a good one: but if you need something a little more aggressive, try this one: (A 440, 880 etc is a yard track. Most tracks are now meters, so you substitute 400m, which is one lap, or 800, 2 laps.) I chose 5k running program distance because a PFT is 3 miles and 5k is 3.1. Google "dynamic running warmup," or "runners warmup drills."

    Also form is important. Go to for explanation in this area.

    In all cases if you have discomfort, a ailment that does not resolve quickly, then seek medical advice.

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    Consider investing in a pair of running shoes. A great pair does half of the work. They are relatively inexpensive. I retire my shoes between 300-400 miles. I give them a ceremony and everything.

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    If you are still in school see if you can join a running club or practice with the CC or track team. You could even join those teams and just be JV or race open events. Its good to have some individual competition (vice team sports...indv sports like running, wrestling, etc), and maybe you'll learn something...and maybe even get some discounts on athletic equipment at local running stores. And you'll encounter knowledgable people like MOS 4429. Be sure to drink water as well. When your skin dries out it will get itchy as well...but for a different reason than the above mentioned cause.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackWidow View Post
    Consider investing in a pair of running shoes. A great pair does half of the work. They are relatively inexpensive. I retire my shoes between 300-400 miles. I give them a ceremony and everything.
    And get your feet fitted for your stride. You won't be able to use those shoes in bootcamp...but its always good to know what kind of pronation your natural stride is. After bootcamp, you'll notice that most Marine bases now have the shoe sections in the PX separated into cushion, support, etc based on your stride. Good to know for when you finish BC, dump your issued New Balances, and get some better fitting shoes.

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    Ummm...this thread was posted on April 22, 2012, responses on April 23, 2012.

    Not sure the OP is still seeking an answer 8 months later. Just saying...

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