Question about 1812 MOS
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    Question about 1812 MOS

    Im currently waiting for an active duty spot to open to sign my contract.. but i have been to MEPS and I'm qualified. I've been looking into the m1a1 tank crewman MOS.. What is the Process of becoming a tanker? whats the lifestyle like? any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    150 views with not one response?

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    Quote Originally Posted by illest View Post
    150 views with not one response?
    I did send you a PM on this.

    I know this is the Ask A Marine forum, and yes, we are here to answer poolee's and wannabe's questions, but maybe no one has replied because it's been asked and answered many times before.

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    go to YouTube and type in Marine tank school, or tank school USMC that will give you some idea of training and care and maintenance,

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