Boot Camp - Shipping Early
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    Boot Camp - Shipping Early

    I've lurked and learned on Leatherneck site since the fall and just had to post a proud moment.

    My son just got a call from the Sr. District Recruiter this morning at work to report to MEPs and depart for PI Monday April 23rd instead of August....and it was not a question but an order...LOL.

    Wow little time to finish job and home arrangements but today is his 22nd birthday and he is so happy and we are happy and proud for him too. He has lived alone for 5 years and worked for the NC Dept Ag and also farmed so he is already his own man but he will learn so much more with this opportunity to serve in the Marines and for our great country. Godspeed son and Alpha Company(?).


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    Outstanding News !!!
    What a Great Birthday present !!!


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    What a fast 5 days since the call to ship. We are dropping our man off with the recruiter at 1:00 and then meet for dinner later tonight . He has a n 0400 wakeup and then a 10 hour bus trip from Raleigh to PI via Charlotte. We are not going to the swearing in per his request which is ok.

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    Let the thrashing begin,lol, Good Luck,Semper Fidelis.

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    From what you have said in your post...he is already a man in his own right. When he comes home from boot, he will be new and improved. I know you are proud. Keep us up to date and ask him to come join when he returns so we can welcome him into the family.

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    Congrats! Another NC Marine to the family!

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