New Marine with questions
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    New Marine with questions

    Good evening Marines,

    I graduated april 6 and I have to report in tomorrow I was wondering if we are allowed to wear our uniforms on the plane?

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    Why not ?? Congrats on becoming a Marine !

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    Yes you can. I knew a few guys that liked wearing them on the plane so they did not have to change before reporting in. Most of the Marines I knew just changed at the USO or bathroom at the airport of their final destination. Opinions varried...some didn't like changing in the airport, others felt more comfortable flying in civies, other worried about getting their uniform wrinkled during the flight. Totally up to you. Good luck

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    if you do, prepare to be bombarded with "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!!!!!!", and people begging you for money.

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    Yeah man go for it, makes it easier since you don't have to change. But yeah you will get bombarded with people thanking you for service, which can be annoying. Also if you want to eat some fat and nasty you gotta be careful.. Good luck!

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    When I joined, it was post-Vietnam, and you never wore your uniform when flying. If you did, you received glares and other gestures. So I always wore civvies, and then changed before reporting in.

    That changed, though. In '84 when I flew back from Okinawa, of course, I was in uniform on the flight over, but when at the airport, they had shower rooms you could rent for a couple bucks. So I took a shower, put on a fresh uniform, and then went to the USO and later caught a plane home. Reaction was 180 degrees opposite. Received positive gestures. That turn-around began in 1980 when the then presidential administration reignited patriotism, turned the country around, and it was much different.

    Today people do not want to repeat the err of their ways, and you should receive favorable responses. You might consider when you get to the airport, putting on a fresh shirt if the one you have is all wrinkled and sweaty.

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    To mct or home from boot? Either way I believe it is authorized just be careful you represent the Corps when you are out there in your alphas or whatever you graduated in. Remember you will also set off metal detectors with your shirt stays and if they trace minute traces of explosives ( your stuff is dry cleaned so it will have small amounts of what will pop as explosives) it makes your time through security that much longer, happened to me going to mct.

    Later on I'd suggest traveling in civvies and changing at the USO it is easier that way because you can get everything done there for you. Also you don't get stopped every couple of seconds by people. People will know you are a marine when you are in civvies the hair cut your demeanor it will show.


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    Go ahead and wear that uniform! Be proud! ... while you can but remember when you get to your unit your the lowest man and will be treated as such! Its just how it is. Just for gods sake dont wear your cammies!

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