Smoking in Boot Camp?
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    Smoking in Boot Camp?

    Hey Marines I leave on 20120716 with my buddy and we were wondering if smoking or chewing is prohibited in boot camp or what the deal is. Thanks,

    Poolee Oberbroeckling

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    I havent been to MCRD yet but from what i have seen in some videos they take away all tobacco away from you during reciveing. Might have to check with someone who accualy went to bootcamp though

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    And the answer to your question is no.

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    No tobacco in boot camp. If you don't quit now, you will quit when you get there.

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    If you bring any for your travels, I'd highly suggest tossing it before you get on the bus. Save yourself the additional phyiscal pain, you'll be getting plenty without the extra attention.

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    No. Your Recruiter should have briefed you on this.

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    This is an excellent opportunity for you: Quit a bad habit!

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    As it has been said, you can not take tobacco products to recruit training. However, I had 3 guys in my platoon that collected butts from outside the chow halls and got enough they could smoke the equivalent of a cigarette. They used a match set from an MRE. Pretty risky though, and nasty. Just quit!

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    As stated earlier that's a no on nicotine same for caffeine and most sugar and the like. Get to love the taste of water you will be drinking a lot of it.

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