reserves and college
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    reserves and college

    Good evening Marines, on April 9th I went up to New York for an auto tech competition for nationals and placed 6th in the Country i was awarded a 25000 dollar scholarship for the university of north western ohio which is very close to full tuition i am supposed to leave for boot on june 6th and was wondering if there are any Reserve Marines out there that are going to school during their enlisted time. i am currently signed up for active duty and i am trying to decide if I want to switch to reserves so i can go to school. i dont know much about reserves except for you have duty one weekend out of the month and 2 weeks out of the year. has anyone had this situation? and if so was it worth it?

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    I'm a reservist and full time (15 hours) student at Texas A&M. I drill about 3 hours away from College Station, so the drive sucks on the gas bill. That is defiantly the biggest downside in my opinion. It can be hard at times, like if you have a big test Monday and you have drill (only one weekend a month). This makes it hard to study sometime. Is your GPA going to be affected by this a lot? No. But it will make it harder.

    You have to also consider that you will have 2 weeks a year to train, it is NOT guaranteed to be in the summer time but it usually is. Because of this you may have trouble during the academic year.

    Lastly, make sure you can get that scholarship moved in the event that you do not get to school when you are scheduled to. Some scholarships won't allow you to do that. I got lucky and all of my scholarships transferred to the semester I ended up starting in. It was very hard to pull all of those strings.

    Also, you may have several months to wait after you get through the training pipeline. Let's say you graduate from your MOS school (the last step in the training pipeline) in mid January. This means you will have to wait until the Fall semester more than likely. That is a LONG time to not being getting college credit under your belt.

    On the up side you get the discipline and pride of being a Marine while getting an education. You also get like $250 a month for being in school. It is hard but worth it if being a Marine is something you really want.

    If you are trying to commission that is a whole different story, but I can help you there too. I am commissioning under the PLC.

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